Rusni Djohardi
Finance Director
PT Colliers International Indonesia

CIMA Strategic Case Study
105 (out of 150)
Indonesian Prize Winner SCS November 2017 examination

As this was my first experience taking exams with CIMA, I joined the preparation class which was facilitated by Mr. Aka.

He provided clear explanation on the theory (including refreshing the ones that should already be mastered in the previous level exams) and the tips on passing the exams.

He also explained what CIMA expects from the students to pass the exams (i.e. not only good with the theories, but we also need to be able to apply the relevant theory with good writing structure and style and time management). After explaining this, he gave us questions to practice and provides one-on-one feedback so that each of the student know where to improve.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Aka to any new comer to the CIMA Study programme since his personalized attention helped me not only to pass CIMA but also to achieve the highest score in Indonesia.

Corporate Professional Pathway
PwC Advisory Indonesia, Manager-Deals Strategy & Operations

Exams/Papers completed with me - Marks obtained
MCS Case Study - 99 (passed)
SCS Objective-Strategic Management - 103 (passed)
SCS Objective-Financial Strategy - 91 (failed)

I joined CIMA through Corporate Professional Pathway program in November 2017. Through the designated program, I could directly attended the MCS Case Study in February 2018.

I joined Pak Akalangka preparation class with the other 5 members in around 3 months preparation program.

The preparation was a bit different since Pak Aka was more like a coach rather than a conservative teacher. He took risk to both cover the theory and got the students did the practice and mocks as soon and as far as possible. So all of us could learnt from our mistake sooner.

The session covered the theory at first and we did practice questions and got the feedback from Pak Aka to improve writing skills (this is so important in CIMA) and to understand the theory required by CIMA faster. After receiving the case study (2 months before), we did mini mocks and 3 mocks practiced under exam conditions, and again pak Aka provided written and 1-on-1 feedback for our writing style, depth of answer and quality of presentation.

Those feedback really help me improved and develop me in understanding the best practice, industry knowledge and how to solve the business problem and get ready and better confidence to the exam